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6 Global Sourcing Companies That Will Make Your Procurement Service Easier

You have a product or service that people want, but you don’t know where to start if you want to get it made as cheaply as possible without getting stuck with a product that no one wants to buy. Fortunately, there are global sourcing companies that specialize in making this process easier and more profitable than you could do on your own. This article will go over six of the top options, so that you can find the one that works best for your business!

1) EDS

EDS provides a wide range of global sourcing services that simplify procurement and supply chain logistics.

You can contact them to discuss what you need from your procurement service or learn more about their global sourcing companies. They also offer local US-based Fulfillment Centers, giving you access to up to 3.2 million square feet of inventory space and shipping across all 50 states. They can take care of your storage needs too. If you have any other questions about their services, you can speak with one of their team members!

2) Matco

Matco is one of the oldest and most experienced U.S.-based procurement companies, founded in 1903 and currently headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer full-time employment with company-sponsored health benefits and a generous profit sharing program for qualified employees.

We offer flexible schedules to match our employee’s needs, including working-from-home opportunities when possible. Our employees enjoy excellent advancement opportunities at all levels, whether taking on new responsibilities or developing a new position for you if we do not have any positions available at your level right now.

In addition to work-related rewards, we also provide leisure perks that include discounts on car rentals and vacations through deals exclusively negotiated by our company representatives who have first-hand knowledge of destination countries worldwide!

3) SellerCloud

Easily sourcing and purchasing from international suppliers has never been easier thanks to SellerCloud, an organization that takes away all the worries associated with selling internationally. With our services, you can purchase products directly from suppliers in China and India.

We offer translation for product descriptions, catalogs, and purchase orders with native speakers on staff. Plus, we make it easy to track your orders once they are received.

4) Doba

Doba is a different kind of global sourcing company. At Doba, we want to help businesses grow by creating an open marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and trade goods with confidence.

We keep it simple, providing access to products across five categories—clothing, office supplies, beauty supplies, pet care, and sports equipment—all at competitive prices. One of the best things about our marketplace is that it’s not just limited to established brands; you’ll find unbranded goods from small suppliers as well as established name brands for business essentials like pens and paper clips.

We’re doing something better than sourcing companies in the US because we put up a wall between sellers and buyers to make transactions safer for everyone.

5) Oberlo

Oberlo is a marketplace for sourcing and dropshipping products directly from the factory to your customers. With Oberlo, you can find products to import in seconds. Once you find your niche, you will be able to customize and sell products with little risk or upfront cost. With Oberlo’s straightforward pricing structure and wide variety of product options, starting a business as an importer has never been easier.

6) Alibaba

Alibaba is a business-to-business marketplace, which means companies can list their products and suppliers on the site. This allows them to buy, sell and trade more easily. Suppliers also have the opportunity to promote themselves on Alibaba and attract orders from around the world.

The company also recently launched a logistics service that helps deliver goods to buyers in over 200 countries and regions across the globe. In total, Alibaba has about 2 million registered businesses for sale with trade worth $450 billion annually in wholesale transactions alone.


When starting a business, it is important to explore all the possible resources available to you. Many procurement companies in the USA will help you find products and materials at a cheaper price. When looking for these procurement services, one thing to consider is how many warehouses they have access to so you can see what’s in stock and compare prices before making your purchase.

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