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Kedarkantha (now no longer to be harassed with the famous Temple Kedarnath) is a 6-day lengthy trek in Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand (6 while along with the tour days from Dehradun to the bottom camp and back). Kedarkantha is without difficulty one of the most famous treks in India — famous among pro trekkers and novices alike. 

About the Trek

There are many motives why it’s a completely famous trek to do with the inside of the Indian Himalayas.  The most vital of them is this — the summit climb. The summit climb of Kedarkantha is a completely worthwhile one. As you begin your trek withinside the early hours of the morning and step by step climb up the steep slope, the sector opens up round you. 

Difficulty Level

The climb isn’t always smooth.  The whole stretch is step by step steep.  As you get in the direction of the summit, it becomes complex as well.  But the massive mountains of the top Himalayas hold your enterprise till you eventually attain the summit. 

As you stretch yourself and take withinside the perspectives of the Himalayas from the summit, you experience a sturdy experience of pleasure and accomplishment. This is an exceptional feeling. Very few treks provide the identical adventure, making it famous amongst novices for its best summit climb. 

The Summit

Outside the summit, the trek is likewise precise for its stunning clearings.  Very hardly ever you may locate beautiful clearings on a trek that makes manner for a few relaxation spots and exquisite campsites.  This trek is full of clearings on all of the distinct routes.  What’s more, the clearings are simply on the proper locations, supplying you with stunning vantage factors to realize the trek and its perspectives. The 1/3 largest purpose this trek is precise is its stunning forests.  

Routes of the Trek

All 3 routes have stunning various forests as a way to immerse you.  If you aren’t careful, you may wander away in them (in an amazing manner). Kedarkantha is any such famous wintry weather trek that it might be apt to entitle it because the Queen of Winter Treks. 

Knee-deep snow in winters, captivating view from the pinnacle, and the stunning and smooth trails make it famous amongst trekkers. The ‘smooth on endurance’ path is going thru the thick pine forests of Govind National Park. 

The perspectives from the pinnacle are really well worth hiking to an altitude of 12,500 ft. Kedarkantha trek will come up with an inimitable view of the cosmic sky, lush meadows, snow paths, fascinating villages, scented pine forest, sky-knocking peaks, tranquil rivers, and a few mythological tale whispers.


Fringed with pine timber and decked with the prettiness of snow, Peak is frequently taken into consideration as the great snow-hiking vacation spot throughout the globe. Located at an altitude of 12,500 ft. above sea level, the trek to this mountain by skip in Uttarakhand affords various ranges of demanding situations to the voyagers.

If you need to revel in nature at its greatest and experience a super trek then this Winter Snow Trek is honestly for you. During the trek, you may skip through captivating picturesque perspectives, wealthy forests, fields in addition to snow tracks.

About the Destination

You want to realize that Kedarkantha trek Summit is nestled in Govind wild lifestyles National sanctuary Park of Uttarkashi. This stunning top is encircled through numerous scenic river valleys, this valley is likewise called top valley of garhwal, remotely located villages the villagers of those villages are residing right here due to the Mahabharata Period.

The Temperature

Kedarkantha is taken into consideration as pinnacle maximum wintry weather snow trek in India, novices also can try this trek withinside the Himalayas which you want to revel in at the least as soon as your lifestyles. 

Best time to try this trek is from the primary week of November to the final week of April, you could locate numerous snow fall right here. The campsites of this trek are beautiful. All camps are blanketed with snow after mid november. Although each trek withinside the Himalayas is unique and recognised for its personal splendor. 

About Treks

Trekking frequently offers you a dose of nature which isn’t always viable withinside the towns and additionally gives you the risk to stretch your mental and bodily limits. This Trek is one of these treks withinside the Himalayas that set off you to witness the splendor of nature that too in its natural form. 

Right from snow-capped mountains, inexperienced pastures forest, frozen lake to a nice divine summit, it gives the whole lot which you desire for as a trekker. The summit ascent of trek is extraordinarily worthwhile and positive to present you with super memories. 

All those perspectives are visible from the start line of Sankri base camp until the summit. As you start your trek withinside the early hours of the morning and step by step climb up the steep hill, you may revel in breathtaking nature perspectives. Kedar Kantha is famous in particular as a wintry weather trek that begins off evolved proper from a well-known village referred to as Sankri. This stunning village is nearly 210km far from Dehradun.

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