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9 Arguments for Why Books Are Superior to Movies



Movies vs Books

The argument over whether movies or books are superior has existed since the rise in the popularity of motion pictures. You need more than one or two arguments to convince someone that you are right. We’ve got nine reasons why books are superior, so don’t worry.

Here are the reasons why reading is superior to watching a movie:

1. Books in Movies Must Be Adapted for a Larger Audience

Movies have a wider appeal and must thus adjust to that audience. Unfortunately, the screenplays are frequently altered from the source books to appeal to audiences and boost sales.

The other characters or the storyline can be affected by even modest changes (such as eliminating or keeping a character alive). What the book could have appeared like a plausible story development now seems preposterous. Similar to this, a character’s logical decision in a book may appear unreasonable in a film.

This version alters Holly as well as the way the film concludes. A strong, independent woman becomes one who needs a guy to make her into a housewife as a result. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with being a housewife or getting married, but such a film would be produced now rather than in 1961.

2. A movie is the director’s adaptation of a book

A book is someone’s interpretation of a film. You witness the screenwriter’s and director’s adaptation of a book when you watch a movie.

Rambo stays a soldier in the film version who is evading dishonest police. But instead of murdering them, he transforms into a hero. Additionally, he endures several sequels.

For his audience, Walt Disney reinterpreted a lot of films. Mary Poppins was one of the most striking reinterpretations. Disney made the series of novels by Travers upbeat and humorous, as he typically did with literature. Poppins and Bert are not romantically involved in the books. In addition to being egotistical and threatening, she is nothing like the charming Julie Andrews.

3. A movie cannot include all of a book’s details.

An entire book cannot be shown in a single film. To condense a 400-page book into a two-hour film, the filmmaker must cut the storyline and get rid of certain characters. You miss out on fascinating supporting characters and subplots that you would find in a novel as a result.

Novels have more information, and these elements aren’t merely fluff used to lengthen the book.

They disclose more.

You may learn more about the places and characters thanks to them.

They help you comprehend the character’s motivations better.

Trimming the details in a movie is similar to hearing someone else describe performance or event they attended. You aren’t experiencing the concert when they play you a few minutes of phone footage they recorded; instead, you are listening to them describe the performance. You now regret not attending the performance.


4. You Discover the Thoughts of a Book’s Characters

When reading a novel, it is simple to comprehend what the characters’ minds are going through. The character’s actions and intentions become much more understandable as a result. We are aware of their thoughts and justifications for their behavior.

The account of Willie Stark, the governor of Louisiana, is told by Jack Burden, the book’s narrator, in Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men. Burden provides details about his personal history and how he met Willie Stark in the book.

5. The Book Is Under Your Control

The rate at which you absorb the story is in your hands. The director of a film determines the narrative flow and length of the film. In a book, you have the upper hand.

You may read for an entire afternoon, stay up long past your bedtime, or read a few pages each day.

6. Books Can Be Moved Around

A movie theatre or amusement complex is not necessary to appreciate a book. All you need, wherever you are, is the book. Whether you’re at the airport, at home on a quiet Sunday, or lying on the beach, books let you join the universe and get to know the characters the author created.

It’s ideal to lay out on a towel and read at the beach. Of course, having the sound of calm waves in the distance while reading on a sandy beach helps.

The best places to read are on park benches or blankets spread out on the grass. Enjoy reading to the calming sounds of nature, occasionally interrupted by a wailing baby.

7. Reading Increases Your Dollars for Fun

Tickets to movies cost, on average, $9.19. You should expect to pay between $12 and $15 for a movie with popcorn and a Coke. The typical cost for two individuals is between $20 and $30 because most people go to the movies with others.

Since novels typically include 250–300 words each page, a 400–page work should have at least 100,000 words. Although reading speed varies widely, 200 words per minute are commonly thought to be the norm. This equates to 500 minutes, or 8.3 hours, for each book with 100,000 words.

As you can see, you may enjoy your book for the same price for four times as long.

8. Reading Will Help You Vocabulary

Reading will increase your vocabulary far more than watching movies. This is because the vocabulary in movies must be limited. A moviegoer cannot pause the movie to research a word’s definition through context the way a reader can.

More significantly, reading improves your mental exercise. You should keep your brain engaged and busy to be healthy. According to neuroscientists, watching a movie requires more visual and linguistic processing from your brain than reading does.

Reading books for institutions helps you think more clearly and expands your vocabulary. Other research demonstrates that:

Reduce stress: According to research, reading reduces tension more effectively than going for a walk, listening to music, or drinking coffee.

It is simpler to teach your brain to associate reading a book with sleep than it is to relate using electronic gadgets like televisions, which emit disruptive blue light, with sleep.

Simply, reading alters the way our brains function. You’ll learn more, improve your ability to see patterns, and develop your empathy as a result.

9. Books Taught Us Everything

We have a certain nostalgia for books since we learned to read from them, especially when we were initially learning to read. We didn’t simply enjoy story time because we didn’t have to complete any homework, though. Instead, we learned how words may pique our interest.

To sum up

The headline-grabbing claims that Indians don’t read are untrue; in 2021, more than 75% of Indians said they had read at least one book in the year prior. In 2017, 26% of Indians did not attend a single theatrical film.

This doesn’t imply that they didn’t see a movie, but it does raise the question of whether we can believe the claims in the media that no one reads books. Therefore, if you get into a discussion about books vs. movies and none of those points prevail, perhaps the question of who reads and who watches movies will.

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How to Identify Fact or Opinion in A Research Paper?



How to Identify Fact or Opinion in A Research Paper?

Even after completing fourteen years of quality education majority of students fail to identify fact or opinion- concepts vital to research. As a consequence, when they sit to write master-level dissertation they lag in providing quality information. Both facts and opinions have their own place for developing good arguments. Facts are indisputable observations related to natural or social phenomena, and they are used in research to increase its quality and worth for society.

Rather, opinion is a judgment, statement, and review of authors about a phenomenon in the light of personal experiences and preferences. Knowing both concepts by definition is a piece of cake, but identifying whether a piece of information from a research paper is an opinion or facts more understanding about the basics of both. Thereby, this article by Affordable Dissertation UK will discuss ways to identify fact or opinion in a research paper so students can judge the exact sense of the original author.

What Are Facts?

The oxford dictionary defines the term fact ‘a thing that is known or proved to be true’, ‘information used as evidence or as part of a newspaper and reports‘, or ‘a truth about events as opposed to interpretation’. Stated in another way, facts are statements that are real and true or points that can be considered to be real or true. Often, facts are crossed check with the standard reference and the method to crosscheck the scientific facts includes observations, measurements, and experiments. They can be in the form of scientific theories or statements. Facts are essential to inform readers about a certain happening or to make an argument. Example of facts in the form of statements includes:

  • The optimum pH of salivary amylase is 6.4 and 7.0.
  • Colombo discovered America.
  • All healthy photosynthetic leaves of plants are green.
  • More than 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans.
  • Women have been enjoying the right to vote since1920. 
  • The heart is vital for living as it pumps blood throughout the body.

Examples of facts as scientific theories:

Scientific theories are formed when a fact is proved after a series of experiments. It is a structured explanation to elaborate on a group of facts and phenomena related to the natural world. Thus, scientific theories are considered the form of facts and can be easily used as evidence to support a scientific claim or an argument. Its examples include:

  1. Big bag theories.
  2. Law of thermodynamics.
  3. Archimedes Buoyancy Principle.
  4. Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection.
  5. Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion and many more.

What Are Opinions In Research?

Merriam- Webster defines opinion as a view, judgment, and appraisal formed in particular matter or a formal expression of judgment or piece of advice given by a field expert. In research, opinions are the expert’s or an author’s advice related to a happening or an event. Mostly to make an opinion strong, it needs to be back up by evidence or facts. The opinion is a less formal statement that is formed based on the feelings, attitudes, and beliefs of the author. Some examples that may help you to understand opinions are as follows:

  1. My bank is taking more interest from me than others.
  2. Wearing black on a hot summer day is my mistake.
  3. The golden version of my new IPhone looks less attractive than my sister’s black phone.
  4. To ensure safety in our town we can install cameras.
  5.  Eating a packet full of chips while watching a movie is more entertaining than eating a bucket full of pock pons. 

Methods To Identify The Fact Or Opinion In A Piece Of Literature: 

To identify whether you have to add a fact or opinion within your written and verbal conservation is easy, but in research with the goal of proving a scientific claim to judge whether the original author’s statement is a fact or opinion is a bit tricky. To identify fact or opinion in a long passage and a scholarly piece of writing, you must answer the following questions:

  1. Can a statement be proven and declared true using any additional information?
  2. Does the speaker have a current historical relativeness with the topic under discussion?
  3. Can a statement be observed through experiments, measurements, and observations?
  4. Is a speaker saying something in light of his/her own personal experiences?
  5. Is an author provided with a reference from someone else’s work with a statement?
  6. Does a statement is verified in the light of an authentic document and manuscript?
  7. Does the author signify facts by giving references, signalling words, and witnesses?
  8. Does the author signify opinions via judgment words such as all, always, never, probably, and should for opinions?

The positive notation in answers to questions 1, 3, 5, and 7 will show that the given statement is a fact or ‘yes’ in answer to questions 2, 4, 6 and 8 hint it to be an opinion. In short, if a statement includes biased words such as worst, better, worthwhile and many more or quantifiers such as all, always, likely, possibly, and probably then the statement will be an author’s own opinion. In contrast, to confirm whether a statement is a fact, the supporting information such as proof, references, and other visual aids will be more useful. You can also get dissertation help online for this purpose.

Final Thought:

Basically, it is important to identify fact or opinion as it allows us to know how different types of sentences create different senses in content. In research, only superficial information regarding a text is not sufficient to consider the application of the given piece of information in your context. Rather it demands us to identify fact or opinion statements to reduce the chances of data fabrication and falsification. The best approach to do so is by asking a few questions regarding the distinguishing features of both terms. If, after consideration, a statement is found to contain quantifiers and biased words, then it will be an opinion. In contrast, the presence of references, legal documents, and logical reasoning indicates the factual nature of a statement.

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Things To Know About China’s Medical Education And Eligibility Rules



MBBS in China

China has been rapidly growing as a medical tourism destination over the past few years, and its medical education and eligibility rules have played a big role in this growth. In this article, we explore seven things you need to know about China’s medical education and eligibility rules if you are planning on traveling to China for medical treatment.

Medical University Admission in China

Medical university admission in China is highly competitive and there are many requirements that students must meet in order to be admitted.

To be eligible for medical university admission in China, students must have completed high school with good grades. They also must pass the National College Entrance Examination (NCEES), which is a national college entrance exam in China. The NCEES is a two-part test: the first part is a written test and the second part is an interview.

After passing the NCEES, students will need to apply to one of the country’smedical universities. There are around 100 medical universities in China, and each has different requirements for admittance. Some of the most important requirements include: good grades in high school, passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or equivalent test, and having a valid medical license from your home country.

Once a student has been accepted to a medical university in China, they will need to complete an undergraduate program there. After completing their undergraduate program, students can apply to continue their studies at a postgraduate level. Some of the postgraduate programs that are available at medical universities in China include: residency programs, fellowship programs, and doctorate programs.

What Does Postgraduate Training Program Look Like?

There are a few different types of medical degrees that are offered in China. The most common type of medical degree is a postgraduate training program. This program is usually two years long and includes both clinical and research experiences.

After completing the postgraduate training program, graduates are eligible to apply for residency programs in hospitals across China. residency programs are typically three years long and include both clinical and research duties. Once a residency program has accepted a graduate, they are eligible to practice as a doctor in China.

Other Eligibility Requirements for MBBS in China

There are a few other eligibility requirements that students must meet in order to pursue MBBS in China. For example, all students must have completed an undergraduate degree from a university that is accredited by the China Higher Education Quality Assurance Commission (CHEQAC). Additionally, students must have passed the College Entrance Examination of Zhejiang Province or have obtained an equivalent score.

Students also need to pass the National Medical licensing examination, which is a requirement for all medical professionals. This exam is designed to test knowledge about medical ethics and regulations. Finally, all doctors who work in China must be registered with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Study Abroad Opportunities in China

For students interested in studying medicine in China, there are a number of opportunities available. One way to study medicine in China is to study abroad. There are many universities in China that offer internationally recognized medical degrees.

Foreign students who want to study medicine in China must first obtain a visa. Most universities in China require applicants to have a valid passport and proof of financial stability. Foreign students also need to have adequate health insurance coverage while in China.

Once an applicant has been accepted to a university in China, he or she will need to complete an extensive application process. The application process includes submitting official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Applicants should also provide information about their planned course of study and their English language skills.

Once an applicant has been accepted to a university in China, he or she will need to undergo a medical exam. This exam is designed to ensure that the applicant is healthy and has the necessary qualifications for studying medicine in China.

What to expect when you are a medical student in China?

As a medical student in China, you will likely experience many different aspects of the Chinese healthcare system. You will likely be required to complete a number of compulsory courses, such as public health and infectious diseases. You will also need to pass an entrance exam in order to be eligible to study medicine in China.

Once you have completed your compulsory courses and passed the entrance exam, you will be able to start your medical education. In most cases, medical students in China study at universities. However, there are a number of exceptions, such as nursing schools and medical colleges. In general, medical students in China are required to complete a number of undergraduate or graduate degrees before they can become doctors.

Medical students in China are generally very dedicated and hardworking. They often have high expectations for themselves and are prepared to put in long hours every day. However, the rewards of studying medicine in China are worth it – many successful doctors have studied in China.

What need to study and what will the process be like for MBBS in CHina?

Medical school in China is a very demanding and competitive process. Applicants must complete a series of rigorous exams, known as the Medical College Entrance Examination (MCEE). The MCEE tests your knowledge of medical sciences and consists of three parts: Part A (biology, biochemistry, physics), Part B (medical mathematics), and Part C (clinical medicine).

After passing the MCEE, you will then need to apply to one of China’s many medical schools. Most Chinese medical schools require applicants to have earned an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. However, some medical schools may accept students with an undergraduate degree in another field such as engineering.

Once you have been accepted into a medical school, you will begin the long process of studying for your MBBS degree. The curriculum at Chinese medical schools is very demanding and covers topics such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and so on. The typical course length is four years. After completing your MBBS degree, you will then be eligible to practice medicine in China.


Medical education in China is one of the most highly esteemed and competitive fields in the world, with many students vying for spots at some of the best-known universities. In this article, Overseas education consultants take a look at some of the key things you need to know if you are planning on studying MBBS in China. From eligibility rules to tuition fees, we hope that this guide has provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Are You Notice Middlesex University as Better Option?



Middlesex University


Now today we will talk about the higher study at an abroad university so now we will discuss about which option is the best for studying abroad and how can get better benefits or facilities. And if you want to select a better option so you need to read this article’s information because when you do research on Google for a better option so you get many opinions and you are also confused as other students for choosing a better one. And it would help for choosing a better one that will noticeable option for better higher education. So now let’s start. 

Maybe you know that the UK country is the perfect option for better study and here you get many popular or famous universities that are the most noticeable universities. And also here you get ultimate or amazing benefits. So now when we discuss about a perfect university so we get a famous university option which is Middlesex University

And now we will discuss about Why Should You Notice Middlesex University as Better Option. And its benefits and facilities for higher study and other information for better results. So now let’s start. 

Middlesex University 

Are you want to Middlesex University London is the first choice of most international students who want to study abroad because here all students get real-work experience and also real-life experience. And here you can improve or develop a better level of skills and here also you can learn better from other students or with expert tutors. 

Thus we discuss about university campus so here we get a single campus that is easily accessible by public transport and this campus is located in a green area or peaceful area. And that is this one considerable point of Middlesex University’s popularity. While this university has three more campuses excluding the London campus. 

And here you can learn about many cultures because the university has approx 20000 students that relate to many countries and when we discuss about courses so university offers both Undergraduate or Postgraduate students which are 293 Undergraduate programs or 240 Postgraduate programs. While Middlesex University UK has also a few famous programs. 

But when we want to study at Middlesex University UK and when we go for admission so we need to some documents for registration and also need IELTS exam certificate with better results. And additionally, you need to join a better institute that is beneficial for better study or better band scores. So according to my knowledge or experience, Meridean Overseas is a better or perfect choice. Because it has 5+ years of experience for better IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad and more places. 

Benefits or Facilities of Middlesex University UK

  • Scholarships benefits 
  • Smart classrooms with free Wi-Fi access
  • Library with 24/7 access
  • Placement and internship opportunities at reputed institutes 
  • Sports grounds
  • Running track
  • Better accommodation at a cheap rate
  • All courses at affordable fees 
  • Safe and secure environment for living 
  • Better study environment 

And according to all information, benefits, and facilities, you can choose now easily Middlesex University option. Because these all benefits and facilities are necessary for better education and better learning.

You can choose also Birmingham City University

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