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Best Platform For Creating Ecommerce Website For Small Business

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is the process of buying and selling products on the internet. Companies can reach a larger audience using e-commerce. Because of e-commerce Consumers prefer to shop online. Customers can quickly buy or sell various products online. Therefore, ecommerce website development has become common now.

In the past, a building was necessary for everyone who wanted to operate a business. However, the digital revolution has made it possible to manage a business without having to invest in a physical location.With the help of the internet, we can easily run a small business from home.The Internet provides us with different platforms to operate our businesses.

Multiple online platforms are available for businesses. But it is quite difficult to find the best one. For that reason, we compiled this list of the best e-commerce platforms for small businesses.

The Top E-commerce Platforms for Small Business

Remember, these are some of the top-ranked platforms available for small businesses. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be the right option for you.

1.     Shopify

Shopify is one of the most reliable platforms for online businesses. According to market capitalization, it is the 20th largest Canadian company with a worth of 42.04 billion USD. Also, many people say that Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for small businesses.

Without any knowledge of coding, design, or other technical web tasks, you may build an amazing online business with Shopify.It is specifically made to help those who desire to create the best possible online store.

It provides a great deal of cutting-edge sales tools that aid in business promotion. One of the best security systems is present in it. Various other advantages of this system include discount codes, 24-hour customer service, and a very good payment process.There are many Shopify website design services agencies in the USA to help you come up a stunning website for your business.


  • A freetrial is available
  • Unlimited products
  • Good for all types of business plan
  • User friendly
  • Multiple payment options


  • Limited blogging platform

2.     Wix

Currently, Wix is one of the top platforms for e-commerce stores. You can get the best experience with it. Additionally, when you initially start establishing your own online business, it allows you complete creative control over your website.

 The e-commerce options that you get from Wix come with hundreds of features. A drag-and-drop store builder and multiple template options are some of its major features. Its mobile-optimized performance feature is very productive.

It offers you a variety of payment options, which is another fantastic feature.


  • Multiple secure payment methods
  • Discountoptions areavailable
  • Mobileappfeatures


  • Noexportdatafeature

3.     BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a platform where entrepreneurs can quickly set up an online store where they can sell their products on the web. This is a growing platform that supports 60,000 online shops in more than 100 countries as of June 2020. Its productivity is increasing day by day. In this, you must have to pay a monthly fee to sell your products.

You may use the platform to sell both physical and digital goods, and it also has several customizable templates to help you design your online store. You can also use the platform’s selling method to promote your small business. Its core selling features is very useful for new users.


  • Best at design
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Secure website
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of email marketing tools
  • Target Market

4.     Weebly

It is a wonderful platform for creating a beginner-friendly online store. You don’t need a lot of knowledge to get started. You can start with very little knowledge of e-commerce. Additionally, Weebly is very budget-friendly, with very low subscription charges.

If any problem occurs, you can easily fix that problem. Weebly provides the user with high design flexibility with its themes feature. If you don’t like the themes of the website, then with the help of this feature, you can upload your themes as you like.


  • Weebly Mobile App is available.
  • Affordable
  • Easy problem solving
  • Graphics: images and video


  • Very fewBlogging Tools
  • Limited SEO functionality

5.     Squarespace

This platform provides users the option to use pre-made website templates while also providing a service for web designing and hosting. Currently,Squarespace has more than 3.5 million online stores. Within Squarespace, it’s quite simple to add products from your store directly to your blog posts.

This platform is great for social media because it is associated with Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps. Customers can shop at your store without ever leaving the app.

Squarespace gives its users a lot of flexibility in product descriptions. You may add video forms, Instagram feeds, related goods, and more to your product description. For your customers, you may also add tools and product ratings. This is a significant benefit over competing platforms like Shopify, Wix, etc., which only allow you to add features through third-party apps.


  • Design options
  • Excellent websitefeatures
  • High-quality tools
  • Setting up sales taxes option


  • Slow
  • Small app store
  • Not ideal for international selling
  • Not very easy


When it comes to choosing which e-commerce platform is ideal, there may not be one right answer. Consequently, how can you choose which website builder option to use for your small business? That all depends on what you’re looking for. You must choose the platform which fulfills your requirements. That one will be beneficial for you.

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