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Everything about Paithani: “Sovereign of Saree”



Yeola Paithani is produced using fantastic Silk, and it is quite possibly of the most sumptuous saree in India. Paithani is well known to the point that it has turned into a custom for each Maharashtrian lady to have something like one Paithani saree in her closet. Customarily, Paithani sarees are essential for the outfit of each and every Maharashtrian lady of the hour. A Maharashtrian wedding is inadequate without Paithani.

Paithani represents the rich culture and custom of Maharashtra. Paithani is a valuable legacy gave from one age to another. Back ever, it was worn by the royals as it were. Paithani is a handwoven saree made with a rich, decorative zari (gold and silver strings) line and pallu, making it one of India’s most extravagant saree. Semi Paithanis are profoundly produced these days. It is totally machine-made with a mix of Silk and different yarns, making it reasonable for everybody.

We at Yeola Paithani, arranged at Yeola (City of Paithanis), Maharashtra, give a different scope of unique handwoven Paithani. Our assortment remembers for request specially designed Paithani, machine-made Yeola Silk Sarees (Semi Paithani), and Cotton Paithani at the best cost range on the lookout. You will scarcely find these sarees at such a reasonable cost elsewhere.

Yeola Paithani offers you many Paithani Silk Sarees with enhancing plans like Peacock themes, Tota-Maina themes, Hans themes, Lotus themes, Raj Hanse themes, Mango themes, Flower themes, and other different shaded plans. These are generally well known for their conventional qualities, which will offer you the extravagance and style of wearing a unique Paithani that has been planned and woven unequivocally.

Paitani sarees are viewed as the superior clothing and perhaps of the most costly saree on the lookout. Generally, the beginning cost of Paithani sarees could be two or three thousand rupees, and one might in fact track down it at the expense of several lakh rupees. Notwithstanding, Yeola paithani guarantees you of the best costs and limits.

Rich history of Paithani

Known as a “Precious Stone of Indian Practice and Craftsmanship,” pathani.         

Regal Paithani saree traces all the way back to quite a while back; it was an essential piece of ladies’ clothing types in the Maratha, Satvahana, Mughal and Nizam periods. Valid handwoven Paithani made of unadulterated silk and gold/silver was the best option of Royal families. Paithani sarees are named after the town Paithan in Aurangabad region, Maharashtra. In the good ‘ol days, rich silk from Paithan was sent out to numerous nations in return for valuable stones, gold and silver. Today, Yeola town of Nashik area in Maharashtra is the biggest maker of Paithani sarees. Yeola is otherwise called “City of Paithani”. Yeola Paithani is valuing rich legacy of Paithani by advancing the assorted scope of handwoven Paithani.

Ace Craftsmanship

Paithani saree results from a cautious, intricate and sensitive course of hand winding around and coloring. Setting up the loom is an exact occupation of wary dealing with where each string is mounted to draw out the plan, example, varieties and subtleties to create a delightful Paithani.

Making a Yeola Paithani includes 100 percent manual procedures and no mechanical means are utilized to wind around such marvelous workmanship. Indian weavers excelled at winding around, handloom weaving, Tapestry winding around and strategies for blanching and passing on well before the material business was modernized. Embroidery winding around is the foundation of Paithani craftsmanship. It was idealized by Indian weavers ages ago. The embroidered artwork weave is separated from any remaining winding around techniques in having various weft strings, which interlock to create the lovely woven plan. The craft of embroidery winding around and the twofold interlocking methods are a legacy for the new age of weavers and Yeola Paithani is valuing this legacy.

Paithani Designs

•             Paithani has turned into the most adaptable and wonderful Indian Dressing ever. Paithani winding around portrays the complex utilization of silk and gold (zari). It is portrayed by boundaries of charming plan and pallu with a peacock plan. It is completely carefully assembled to such accuracy that the plan looks trimmed in the Silk.

•             Kathpadar saree

 Paithani is prominently known as the Kathpadar saree, where – Kath implies the trademark wide lines woven with unadulterated zari and padar, which alludes to the embellishing edge that makes them restrictive.

•             Multicolored appearance

The extraordinary vivid appearance of Paithani sarees comes from an exceptional craft of winding around which includes a winding around strategy where strings of one tone are wound around longwise and strings of another variety are wound around breadthwise, giving the saree a 3D impact. Yeola Paithani has a scope of varieties and plans that makes you fall head over heels for Yeaola Paithani and the rich culture of Maharashtra.

•             Prior, Paithani sarees used to have a cotton base in the body of the texture, while the lines and weft were wound around utilizing silk. In any case, in the present-day Paithani, you won’t track down any hint of the cotton material.

•             YeoaPaithani offers Paithani Sarees produced using 100 percent silk, offering you the overflow and class of wearing a unique Paithani planned and woven with absolute attention to detail.

•             Most normal Paithani saree themes

Different Motifs are found on Paithani sarees, however the most widely recognized ones are peacock themes, Tota-Maina themes, Asawalli themes, Hans themes, lotus themes, Ashrafi Motif, Humarparinda, Raj Hanse themes, Narali Motif, Mango themes, Flower themes, Morbangdi, Amar Vell. Little themes incorporate Kalas Pakhhli, Chandrakor, stars, bunches of three leaves, circles, Rui Phool, and Kuyri, among the most popular ones.

Kinds of Paithani

There are three principal classes of Paithani Saree:

o             Regular line with various Pallus

Paithani with a normal boundary is described by customary plan on the line, while the Pallu has various themes like peacock themes, Tota-Maina themes, Hans themes, lotus themes, Raj Hanse themes, Mango themes, Flower themes

o             Muniya

Munai Paithani is portrayed by Muniya plans on the boundary and different Pallu.

o             Brocade

Brocade Paithani is one of the most well known of all Paithani. It has zari pallu and peacock themes.

o             There are a few different sorts of Paithani grouped on the foundations of theme, winding around, and variety. These sorts incorporate Bangadi Mor, Munia brocade, Lotus brocade, Tissue Border, Balgandharva Paithani, Kadiyal Paithani – with an interlocking example, Kad Paithani, Kalichandrakala-unadulterated dark saree having a red line, Raghu-parrot green saree, Shirodak-unadulterated white saree, Tissue line Paithani and Brocket Paithani.

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Everything you need to know about 18-inch wig




For users to pick the length that best meets their preferences, wigs typically come in various lengths. The cost of a wig may be considerably impacted by its length. Because lengthier wigs often require more hair, they are costlier. This implies that you will need to invest more money if you want a longer wig.

The 18-inch hairwig is one of the most widely used lengths. Many women prefer this wig length since it is stunning and will always make them seem better. Everything you need to know about 18-inch wigs is covered in this post.

How long is an 18-inch wig?

An 18 inches wiglong is no different from other wigs. The length is the sole distinction. The 18-inch wig is the perfect length—neither long nor short. It should be able to touch your mid-back. However, your height and body proportions have a role. These two elements can drastically alter how the hair appears; it may be longer or shorter than your mid-back.

The typical range for hair length is 12 to 24 inches. The longest wigs that are offered are 24 inches. Compared to 18-inch wigs, 14-inch wigs are shorter but come closer to your shoulders. Medium-length wigs fall into the 14 and 18-inch categories. For women who adore shoulder-length hairstyles, they are ideal.

Whatever kind of 18-inch wig you select, whether a straight 18-inch wig or a wavy 18-inch wig, the wig will unquestionably look fantastic on you. Currently, 18-inch wigs are quite popular.

How would an 18-inch wig appear?

There are several 18-inch wig styles available for purchase online, including 18-inch body wave wigs, 18-inch deep wave wigs, 18-inch straight wigs, 18-inch curly wigs, 18-inch water wave wigs, 18-inch kinky curly wigs, and more.

Your hair will appear shorter the curlier the wig you buy; 26 inches on a very curly wig would appear to be 24 inches on a straight one. Therefore, an 18-inch wig with waves will appear shorter than one with straight hair.

How do you properly measure an 18-inch wig?

How do you measure your 18-inch wig now that you’ve bought it to make sure that it is, in fact, 18 inches? You must measure it, then. How do you manage that? You must have a ruler and measure your 18-inch wig. The 18 wigs have various textures because they are available in various styles. However, straight wigs frequently produce reliable results. But even a curly wig will work; just stretch it out before measuring it. After preparing the wig, place it on a flat surface. Using the ruler, measure the wig’s length from the root to the ends. The ruler should measure around 45.7 cm if it is in centimeters.

Advice on selecting an appropriate wig length

Always remember that the wig length advice is only a rough estimate. Specific recommendations will help you acquire a correct wig length that will look excellent in addition to the wig’s real length.

Think about your height: A wig may make you look taller if you are shorter. It could seem shorter if you’re taller.

Hair with curls will lift it. To make up for the fact that curly wigs are shorter than straight wigs, you might want to get a longer wig if you buy a curly one.

Make careful you measure your head precisely. To ensure you choose a wig that fits you correctly, learn how to measure your head for a wig.

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Top 5 Fashion Brands Influencing the eCommerce Industry In India.




fashion brands

The fashion brands in India have become fiercely competitive. So many online brands are now battling their way out to rule the industry. But, the market leaders cannot be many.

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fashion brandsFashion Brands Influencing the eCommerce Industry:-

It is a blend of good-quality products and your overall purchasing, returning and exchanging journey.

Anyone can achieve this feat by giving time, diligently working hard, and making definite agreements.

The authority of these market bosses in the Indian fashion eCommerce industry is not dependent on their products alone.

So, what are the key ingredients that have helped them become leaders?

The answer to this question is given by how these market-directing websites have put in a ton of hard work, the insights behind their decisions, and how they have earned confidence and faith among the customers.

In a nutshell, here are some stories behind the leading fashion eCommerce brands in India.


1. Myntra

Myntra is an eCommerce fashion brand of India formed in 2007 and procured by Flipkart in 2014. Earlier, Myntra was a B2B online platform for customized gifts, and now, it has grown to become India’s famous and leading fashion brand.

In 2009, the Indian eCommerce market was worth USD 3.9 billion, which increased to USD 12.6 billion in 2013. In 2011, Myntra sensed the evolution of the eCommerce industry in India and the business model of Myntra was replaced from B2B to the marketplace, opening the door to success for Myntra.

So, we can say it was the most clever decision to shift to the marketplace by analyzing the position it has reached. Looking at the recent report by Economic Times, Myntra includes their regional store network for about 60%.

Myntra is now associated with 6200 stores across 50 cities in India. This network is helping Myntra to link with local stores for deliveries and supporting them to enhance their revenues.  

Indeed this is assisting Myntra to hold on to the top position amongst the Indian eCommerce fashion brands. Let’s move on to our next topmost eCommerce fashion brand in India, Jabong.

2. Jabong

Jabong Jabong has been an all-around fashion website since the year 2011. The brand was launched successfully and took the number one position of accomplishing the highest traffic among the other Indian eCommerce titan in a few months, according to the report published by ComScore in September 2012.

It is the only online fashion store who had started with both- inventory together with marketplace models in India. Outstanding customer service And excellent customer service were the prowess of Jabong.

The motive supporting this merger was constantly being number one among India’s most famous fashion stores and taking advantage of Jabong’s strong and devoted customer base.

This major fashion brand flourished significantly up till the 2015 year-end. And eventually, Flipkart-owned Myntra bought this prime e-tailer Jabong in July 2016.

In the end, Walmart acquired both Myntra and Jabong. Walmart International’s CEO states, “They’re exciting, in the speed, they are growing at and the union they provide with the overall e-commerce business as well.”

Furthermore, in January 2020, Flipkart and Myntra registered increased app usage compared to Amazon.

It marks a significant development for Walmart-acquired fashion eCommerce websites in India.

3. Koovs

Koovs has been another foremost fashion brand in India since 2010. Following its launch, it captured a lot of eyeballs by offering great discounts on fashion products.

Considering that the major brands were not well-known in India then, Koovs managed to achieve recognition among the top leading brands of India.

Before shifting to an eCommerce platform, Koovs used to work as a micro marketing platform. This platform is used to assist small businesses in escalating their sales through the medium of their platform. Afterwards, Koovs shifted its base to an inventory-based eCommerce platform.

The Executive Chairman of Koovs stated that the company focuses on boosting 23 million pounds in 2018. Kool managed to secure its position among the most significant fashion portals by carving its way out.

4. Tata Cliq

Tata CliQ is a “Phygital” eCommerce venture by Tata Group, launched in 2016. TataCliQ was launched to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world shopping experience to a real-time shopping one  

Launched in 2016, it is among the top market leaders in the online fashion world. But, Tata CliQ completely contrasts what other online fashion digital leaders are offering.

Tata CliQ is a brand-only fashion eCommerce store in India that works only with fashion brands having authorized sellers.

This brand is a hyperlocal multichannel marketplace. All kinds of discounts available in physical stores are also applied by the customers doing online shopping.

Tata CliQ is glad to have lesser buyers, contrary to other market leaders, yet they have a massive ratio of frequently repeated customers.

They are creating it as an exclusive but strong market leader in online fashion brands in India.

5. Voonik

Voonik is a not-so-old fashion brand in India that started its journey in 2013. It is a woman-oriented fashion marketplace. Retail stores can record their business and sell their products.

The basic idea of the owners behind launching Voonik was to offer highly customized fashion products for women.

Women can select fashion products as per their needs, like style, skin tone, body type, and budget preferences.

Voonik did something unique by first launching a mobile app, and then they proceeded to build their web store.

By 2016, Voonik ranked the 2nd most downloaded mobile fashion app. Their achievement is because they have a squad of highly-trained fashion stylists.

This team repeatedly works on suggesting the kind of clothes their customers should select as per their likings.

Further, Voonik acquired three more startups and became the market leader in the industry.

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How Can We Buy Perfume Online?




If you’re looking for a new fragrance, there are many different ways to buy it. First, you can purchase a sample set. These are a great way to try out a new scent without leaving the house. They’re also much safer than trying a new fragrance in a perfumery.

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Shopping for perfume online

One of the benefits of shopping for perfume online is that you can compare different fragrances. You can also get information about each brand. Many shopping websites have a huge inventory of perfumes. They are also obligated to keep up with the latest scents to meet the needs of customers. Shopping online can be a stress-free experience.

Before starting your online perfume shopping, it’s best to decide on your favorite fragrance brand. Choosing the best perfume brand is crucial, because just because a perfume brand is popular doesn’t guarantee quality. Many lesser-known brands offer quality that is worth your money. If you’re unsure of which brand to go with, ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations.

Saving money is another benefit of shopping for perfume online. Some sites will offer coupons or special offers to help you save money on the purchase. Make sure you use these coupons and deals to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. You can even save money when you purchase a designer scent online, as there are often great sales and deals for the scents on offer.

Choosing a scent

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a fragrance. The time of day, season, and personality are all factors that affect the scent of a perfume. If you are looking for a winter fragrance, you should pay attention to the scent’s sillage and longevity. A winter scent will be richer and more lingering, whereas a summer scent will be lighter and fresher.

When shopping for a perfume online, it is important to research the fragrance you want before committing to one. Ensure that the brand is reputable, and look for testimonials and reviews from previous customers. Be careful to avoid scams and fake products. Many consumers find that price is an important deciding factor when buying perfume online, but keep in mind that not all expensive perfumes give off a pleasant scent.

The scent of a perfume can make you look more beautiful, attract a potential mate, or simply make you smell good. Because of these uses, perfume and cologne are a multi-billion-dollar industry. The proliferation of new scents and marketing campaigns has increased the popularity of wearable scents. Whether you want to be a romantic, sexy, or everyday perfume, you can find the perfect fragrance for your body type and personality.

Choosing a brand

When buying perfume online, choosing a brand is crucial. It will help you compare fragrances side by side and avoid buying a counterfeit. This is especially important if you are buying a luxury fragrance. If you buy a fake fragrance, you can easily end up with a faulty product. Be sure to check the company’s legitimacy by checking out any media coverage of the brand.

The packaging of a fragrance can give you some clues about its scent. For example, blue colours represent freshness while green hues represent naturalness. Likewise, gold and black colours are associated with luxurious and intense scents. If you are looking for a scent that will last throughout the day, you should choose a fragrance that comes from the citrus family. This is an ideal scent for morning and summer.

You can also test out the fragrances in a discovery set. This will help you decide if you like the scent before purchasing it. In-store shopping is still a good idea, since you can speak with a real person if you have any questions. However, online stores do not have the benefit of in-person interaction, but that should not discourage you from buying fragrance online.

Choosing a fragrance

While choosing a perfume online, you should keep several factors in mind. First, you should know your personal taste for natural scents. Knowing these preferences can help you determine which fragrance family to choose. Second, you should know the scent’s composition. Many perfumes will list the fragrance family and perfumer in their descriptions. Lastly, you should look for reviews of the fragrance online.

The best place to buy a perfume online is on a reputable site. Make sure to read the reviews and testimonials of other customers to make sure the company is legitimate. This will help you avoid scams and purchase the perfect perfume. Perfume prices vary widely, so make sure to compare prices before making a purchase. A recent survey by Statista found that 70% of respondents said price is an important factor when purchasing online. However, keep in mind that an expensive perfume does not necessarily mean it is better than a cheaper one. Also, keep in mind that brands often use colors on their perfumes to express their personality.

When choosing a perfume, try to visualize how it will smell on you. Try to find a scent that has a description that clearly explains what it smells like and how it makes you feel. It is best to read the descriptions carefully because the scent of a brand can vary from person to person. For example, patchouli and jasmine will have a very different smell on different people. To make your choice easier, consider a floral versus a woody fragrance. For example, if you like woody scents, try Amber Kiss from the Seduction Collection. It is woody with notes of amber.

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