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Punjab MP Donates Entire Salary



Punjab MP,Punjab MP Vikramjit Singh Sahney,Vikram Sahney, Member of Rajya Sabha Vikram Sahney,AAP MP,

Recently elected Member of Rajya Sabha from Punjab, Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Padma Shri, International President of World Punjabi Organisation and Chairman- Sun Foundation took oath in the Parliament today. Shri Sahney took oath in Punjabi. Before that Kirtan and Ardaas were organized at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib were over 5000 people came to greet Shri Sahney.

On this occasion, Vikram Sahney announced that he will donate all his salary and staff salary during his tenure of 6 years for the education of economically weak Punjabi students. Shri Sahney launched the “Punjab Education Fund and the amount works out to around Rs. 32 Lakhs per year equivalent to Rs. 2 crores in 6 years

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The Most Expensive BMX In The World




The Most Expensive BMX In The World

Since they are constructed from so many distinct pieces, BMX bikes are one of the goods that can be difficult to locate in their most elite form. Contrary to the most expensive pot or PC, there are so many different ways to build a BMX bike that it’s difficult to find something that doesn’t consider just one riding style.

The most expensive BMX bikes are sometimes ones that are constructed to order. However, the Urban Ultralight 1100 by ZOOZ is the priciest BMX bike. This BMX bike is unique since it is electric, has the recognizable BMX-type frame for which ZOOZ is famous, and has a “conventional style” bike seat that houses the battery.

Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

BMX bikes need to be robust, light, and fast for acrobatics, tricks, adventures, and off-road racing. The cost of a BMX bike is typically determined by the materials utilized in its production. In other words, the cost of a BMX bike will increase with the materials’ quality.

This shows that buying the most expensive BMXensures you’ll get one with excellent performance and one with the following necessary features:

  • Sturdiness: A BMX bike must be stiff and strong enough to perform on even the most difficult terrain. Popular BMX bike manufacturers build models to this criterion to withstand tremendous pressure.
  • Lightweight: A BMX bike’s weight affects how readily it can be raised and controlled, especially while performing tricks in the air. When buying a BMX bike to be used for stunts, this is one of the most important qualities to consider.
  • Responsiveness, The more responsive BMX bikes, are, the pricier they get. This feature allows unrestricted bike use and provides the security required to pull off a stunt.

Top 3 Most Expensive BMX Bikes in the world

Here are the top three most expensive BMX bikes in the world. Regardless of your financial situation, learning about these expensive BMX bikes is worth your time in prison and attention.

The Sunday Soundwave BMX is a pricey but unique BMX bike. A Sunday frameset is typically considered a premium frame that only the best should wear. The bicycle is then covered in corresponding high-end parts made by adult-sounding grocery store brands like Odyssey. Gary has maintained his recognizable Soundwave Special BMX throughout the past three years, one of the most expensive ready-made bikes provided each year.

Sunday presents an aftermarket frame made entirely of Chromoly quite well. The 2022 Soundwave Special Cassette BMX Bike is renowned for its strong construction and outstanding gear quality. There is extensive use of early BMX parts from rebranded brands.A 100% Chromoly aftermarket fork with Odyssey tires, brakes, seat stays, and grips are also available.

The Sunday Bikes are yet another competitor in the most expensive BMX bikes available today. Another Gary Young creation, the Sunday 2022 Soundwave Special Freecoaster BMX bike, is made of Chromoly and Odyssey’s 41-Thermal coating. Additionally, it has seal bearings that give it a firmer and smoother foundation than other, less expensive BMX brands on the market.

Despite its exorbitant cost, Sunday Soundwave’s Freecoaster version uses components and cranks built by Odyssey. Additionally, you’ll see a full view of the handlebar geometry specs and the motorcycle’s south frame of reference. This achievement provides you with a leg up in determining whether the bicycle is the right fit for you.

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6 Genius Eco-Friendly Finds to Simplify Your Life




6 Genius Eco-Friendly Finds to Simplify Your Life

Indeed, even the laziest lobbyist can jump aboard with these feasible other options.

Our publication group has freely chosen and explored every item we highlight. On the off chance that you make a buy utilizing the connections included, we might procure commission.

There are a lot of misguided judgments about carrying on with an eco-accommodating way of life. Yet, living doesn’t need to be costly or poorly designed — even the littlest changes can have a tremendous effect, and set aside your cash for sure. Assuming you’re threatened by surrendering your standard fundamentals, we discovered some sharp, eco-accommodating items to show you precisely how simple it tends to be to supplant a portion of the things you purchase. Also, grab 30% off your products using the La Marque en Moins Coupon Code.

6 Genius Eco-Friendly Finds to Simplify Your Life1-Final Cutlery

Avoid the expendable, single-use utensils and pick these lovable cutlery sets made considering versatility. A standard knife has a one-of-a-kind plan that folds into a pocket-sized case. The brand conveys forks, sporks, and even straws (accessible in a scope of in-vogue variety choices), so you at no point ever need to fork around with plastic in the future.

2-Good Green Cleaner

Remain protected and reasonable with this creative cleaning framework. These bio-based cleaning cases are made from sustainable sources (counting plants and organic entities) tracked in nature. Each set accompanies an empty jug and a point (with the extra top-off units accessible for procurement). Just fill the biodegradable jar with regular water, bend the team onto the top, and shake-each case diffuses into the water to make a viable cleaning arrangement.

3-Face Halo Makeup Remover

The vast majority of greening up your magnificence standards center around reusing purges. While this aide, you can make a much more binding effect by utilizing eco-accommodating cosmetics wipes, or even better, this reusable remover cushion. A success for the climate and your wallet, one pillow replaces up to 500 single-use cosmetics wipes, and the extraordinary microfiber swipes away cosmetics and pollutants without the need to rub or scour.

4-Pink Larkspur and Wildflower Seed Plantable Handmade Cotton Paper Card

Are you searching for the ideal occasion card this season? Regular hello cards get an eco-accommodating change with seed paper stock. The fortunate beneficiary receives a unique message and the primary stake in their nursery of wild blossoms.

5-Stasher 100 percent Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

The vast majority of us can’t survive without plastic, yet these splendid-hued, silicone capacity sacks have similar advantages without the natural disadvantage. Not exclusively will the capacity framework keep your food new, but it’s additionally totally reusable and dishwasher-safe so that you can eliminate your plastic use.

6-Bamboo Paper Towels

Paper towels add to deforestation and lead to a ton of landfill squander. The arrangement? Do the change to bamboo towels; each roll (economically collected from natural bamboo) is more grounded, absorbent, and sturdy than standard towels. Furthermore, the best part is that the punctured detach sheets are machine-launderable and reusable up to multiple times before disposing of.

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Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online In 2022




Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online In 2022

If you are a stalwart Kpop fan and don’t live in South Korea, you need to get your authority Kpop merchandise in one of the numerous web-based Kpop stores. Also, grab a 30% discount on your products using KPOPMART Coupon Code.

Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online In 2022Best Kpop Online Shop:

There are so many internet-based Kpop online stores, and the best one for you genuinely relies upon what you are hoping to purchase. Recorded underneath are probably the most well-known internet-based shops to purchase Kpop stock (official or informal products). Numerous different stores sell Kpop products. Ensure you are buying from a dependable merchant.

1-Chingu Fashion

Are you searching for similar garments worn by your number one KPOP specialists? The best web-based store for you is Fashion Chingu! They have a wide determination of garments from BTS, BlackPink, Seventeen, Monsta X, GOT7, and numerous other KPOP stars.


Like Fashion Chingu, StyleUpK sells popular dresses worn by your most loved pop star. Moreover, they additionally sell coordinated efforts between renowned style brands and K-pop groups like BTS and Taeyeon.

3-Unnie Looks

To dress like your #1 Kpop specialists, Unnie Looks is the spot. All their dress is coordinated by gathering or icon. You can find things like those ragged by Blackpink, BTS, Red Velvet, and numerous more.


KPOPSHOPEE is an extraordinary internet-based store for all your Kpop products. From true Hantea ensured outcome to novel Kpop product and dress things. Official merchandise incorporates lightsticks, banners, and cooperation things, such as the BTS x FILA collab, OST soundtracks, CDs, dolls, and more.

Aside from Kpop merchandise, they likewise sell a wide assortment of Korean clothing brands, beauty care products, frill, focal points, Korean food, and more.

KPOPSHOPEE delivers worldwide, and their transportation expense relies upon the objective and the size of the bundle. At the checkout, you’ll have the choices to pick your transporter.


The Kpopshop is by a wide margin one of the most famous internet-based stores for Kpop stock. They have a vast choice of items from various groups, including BTS, Blackpink, Monsta X, EXO, GOT7, and numerous groups.

What’s perfect about Kpopshop is that they have overall free delivery and that you can follow your request. Their items incorporate the authority Kpop lightsticks, shirts, schedules, banners, designs, cards, key chains, and more.

One more incredible thing about this shop is that you’ll frequently get little additional Korean gifts while requesting from them. So it is, in every case, truly energizing to unpack and see what you have gained from this web-based Kpop merchandise store.

6-Lianox (10% Discount)

The best thing about Lianox (10% rebate interface) is that they offer free delivery to all nations. It doesn’t make any difference what you request! Linux has a gigantic determination of merchandise accessible from every one of the most influential groups. Besides, they sell official merchandise, shirts, sweaters, wealth, keychains, and more.

7-SM Global Shop

The SM Global Shop is the Kpop online shop that includes every group endorsed by SM Entertainment, including EXO, Super Junior, Red Velvet, BoA, and numerous others. While contrasting the costs and the Kpopshop, it appears they are the same.

Items accessible at SM Global Shop are the authority light sticks, banners, cards, style, wristbands, puzzles, and numerous different items.


So many Kpop items are accessible on Amazon, including clothing, compact discs, banners, dolls, socks, and more. While purchasing items from Amazon, make a point to look at the surveys and check whether the merchant is genuine.


Kpopmart is a great and famous site to purchase Kpop stock. Their transportation is quick. The transportation charge will rely upon the heaviness of your bundle and the conveyance technique, which you can pick up at checkout.

Like different shops, Kpopmart also sells BTS, Mamamoo, and EXO results. However, they additionally sell other ‘Korea’ related items like K-Beauty and K-Drama items.

This site sells both authority and non-official Kpop products. It is the most prescribed put-in to pre-request Kpop collections on the web. At the Kpop shop, you can likewise pre-request Kpop collections, so you’ll be sure the be one of the first to get your supply. The choice isn’t generally so wide as different stores, yet you could discover a few explicit things that are not accessible on other web-based stores.


It isn’t just a shop that sells Korean pop items; however, a wide range of Asian products (pop, anime, shows, collectibles, toys from there, the sky is the limit). Items appear to be a smidgen more costly than other internet-based stores; however, as delivery is free for requests of over a specific cost (contingent upon zone and barring banners), it at times turns out to be less expensive than different stores.

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