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The Benefits Of Using DeFi Development Services



defi development services

Since its launch a few years ago, Decentralized Finance has surpassed all expectations and enabled the “complete decentralization” element that market practices lack. As a result, it has produced fresh chances for institutions and investors alike to generate rewards. DeFi is an umbrella phrase, to put it simply. It is an industry comprised of numerous financial apps powered by blockchain. Not to be overlooked, the TVL (Total Value Locked) in DeFi development increased from 4 to 44 billion USD. Here is more information on DeFi and its effects.

Setup Without Permission

The DeFi’s ability to bank the unbanked is its major selling point. The DeFi applications are attempting to democratize banking and finance by utilizing the potential of decentralization provided by blockchain technology. As a result, everyone will have equitable access to financial services such as borrowing, lending, insurance, and more.

The Ethereum Blockchain currently powers over 90% of DeFi apps. The blockchain is being used by these applications to implement conventional financial services paradigms. But they are obviating the need for middlemen and setting up a permissionless banking system by employing Ethereum’s smart contract functionality.

Transparent Financial Environment

There are many frauds in the conventional financial sector. These are either made up by the platform owners or the middlemen. Building a highly transparent financial system was made possible by DeFi’s blockchain technology. This is so because blockchain is an immutable ledger, meaning that no one can alter the data that is recorded there, even after the ledger is made public.

The outcome is that DeFi platform customers can benefit from complete transparency and safeguard themselves against any financial fraud or loss. To prevent hacks, a DeFi development company makes sure smart contract checks are in place.

Why is DeFi So Crucial?

Decentralized applications are frequently used in DeFi projects (referred to as dapps). What sets them from from centralized, well-established applications and what advantages do they offer?

Data is retrieved from a centralized server by centralized apps. Therefore, the online banking app for Jane’s bank checks the data server in the bank’s data center to make sure Jane’s password is correct when she logs in, for instance, using her smartphone. Her account balances are then loaded. That one organization has complete control over all of Jane’s data. She must have faith that the bank will accurately and securely preserve a record of her account balances.

A decentralized application, on the other hand, often uses a combination of wallets and smart contracts to access data from a blockchain (or other P2P network). The application itself is decentralized since the data and business logic are kept on a blockchain, which is often decentralized. The data of a user is not under the control of a single party, and DeFi smart contract development and cryptography make sure that it is distributed securely throughout the network.

DeFi’s Other Salient Features Include:

Speed: The majority of DeFi transactions happen in a matter of seconds and are not time- or day- or week-dependent. They are also accessible faster than those that need a middleman. DeFi doesn’t rely on email ping-pong or onerous settlement lines; instead, it operates according to preprogrammed logic and values that can be proved mathematically.

Adaptable And Demountable

Create your own pair on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap if you wish to trade digital asset pairs (like ETH/USDC) that aren’t tradeable on any centralized exchange. Then, other users can exchange that pair. Anyone who wants to develop a new financial product can design a new smart contract that is tailored to their specific requirements. By enhancing interoperability, token swaps and bridges enable widespread ecosystem engagement, while the modular components of open-source blockchain technology encourage cross-chain innovation by destroying data silos.

Unrestricted And Open

With traditional lending procedures, prospective borrowers are required to submit years’ worth of tax returns and other personal data, as well as submit to background and job checks, among other requirements. Anyone can take part in DeFi if they have the necessary resources and technology. You may utilize a DeFi product if there are sufficient cash in your associated wallet to support it.

Chance Of Achieving Financial Independence

DeFi technologies can boost financial independence globally. Retail investors frequently obtain low yields on conventional investments in nations like the U.S., for instance. A separate issue faces residents of nations with greater yielding opportunities:

Borrowing May Become Impossible Due To Interest Rates.

Global, open DeFi protocols let customers in lower-yield nations get higher returns than what conventional finance can provide. In the meantime, borrowers in higher-yielding nations can borrow money at rates that are lower than those they would otherwise have to pay to domestic financial institutions. Users can take advantage of DeFi’s advantages while avoiding some cryptocurrencies’ volatility by utilizing stablecoins within these DeFi systems.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of DeFi?

DeFi’s Advantage Might Also Be Its Disadvantage:

DeFi takes some heavy-duty computing, but decentralization makes it hard to censor or suppress. The maintenance of a database and records across a network of numerous computers slows down operations and may increase transaction costs. The most widely used blockchain for DeFi apps is Ethereum, however the sheer quantity of processing going on right now is pushing up costs and slowing down the network. Solana and Avalanche are becoming more popular as Ethereum developers look for ways to make it more scalable. Emin Gün Sirer, a computer scientist at Cornell University and a member of Avalanche’s advisory board, asserts that “it’s actually hard to get performance out of blockchains.”

DeFi development eliminates middlemen like custodial banks, whose job it is to protect assets, typically digital tokens. As a result, you won’t need to be concerned about a financial institution failing and taking your investments with it or the government seizing and stealing your tokens. But you and your passcode are the only things keeping your assets secure. Your possessions are lost forever if you forget the passcode (or if someone steals it).

The DeFi development upstarts frequently state that they are accessible to everyone. You might be able to exchange virtual currency without presenting typical financial documents like identification or a credit report. That freedom promises to bring financial services to regions of the world that haven’t always had them, where they are expensive or prone to fraud or confiscation, or where they are now unavailable. But the drawback is obvious: Without a central authority monitoring who is utilizing a service and where they are situated, the systems could be abused by criminals or work against regulations. The attack on regulations has already started.

The smart contracts and applications that run on top of blockchains have proven to be relatively hard to break, but they are only as smart as the individuals who created them. The code is often open-source, which makes it available for everyone to view and modify while also making hacker attacks more straightforward. Today, a lot more programming code is audited for bugs and vulnerabilities, and more people are becoming aware of the value of formal verification (a technique that involves using other algorithms to check for flaws in one’s own), but Cornell’s Sirer said that a lot of money is still invested in code that hasn’t been strengthened in this way.

Utilizes Examples Of DFE In The Financial Services Industry

DeFi has demonstrated its ability to change the way the financial markets function in the present. These are some scenarios where DeFi might be used:

Inter-Peer Lending and Borrowing

The traditional P2P lending market is confronted with many difficulties. The infrastructure is slowing the process down while the intermediaries are increasing the cost of operations. These difficulties are quite easily addressed, according to DeFi, and they have already been done so to some extent. The entire lending process is automated by the DeFi applications, which use smart contracts in place of middlemen.

P2P lending consequently turns into an economical and successful technique. Furthermore, anyone can sign up as a lender or borrower on these networks. Based on his participation to the liquidity pool, the lender receives a certain interest rate.

New Opportunities for Earning

The rising popularity of DeFi lending platforms gave market players new ways to make money. The ability to optimize interest returns is provided by a variety of tactics, including yield farming and others.


The DeFi ecosystem makes considerable use of stablecoins. Stablecoins are utilized for remittance, lending, and borrowing in the DeFi apps due to the consistent values and characteristics of cryptocurrencies. As a result, stablecoin development is the focus of much of the DeFi development effort.

Market for Energy and Data

Energy trade between individuals is becoming a significant sector. It’s interesting that in order to support its expansion, it needs a DeFi-like infrastructure.


It appears that the DeFi sector will have a parabolic rise in 2021, given the phenomenal growth DeFi demonstrated in 2020.

We at Suffescom Solutions are incredibly optimistic about DeFi’s future. As a provider of DeFi development services, we are excited to create ground-breaking DeFi solutions. Give us a call so we can discuss how we can assist your growth in the DeFi industry.

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How To Buy iPhone And Apple Product With Bitcoin




It’s crucial to consider the different payment methods when determining which cryptocurrency exchange is best for you. A reliable exchange ought to provide a range of reliable payment methods that support the accountability and security of each transaction.

Americans adore Apple products, and if that weren’t the case, the venerable Cupertino-based electronics behemoth wouldn’t hold the title of most valuable company in the world. You can now pay for all Apple devices using bitcoin, whether you’re replacing a scratched MacBook, an iPhone with a broken screen, or you had a nasty case of FOMO after Apple’s most recent splashy product launch.

How to buy an apple with bitcoin?

This is how to buy Apple with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, step by step guide.

Choosing the category

After visiting the website or downloading the app, you will view the available product categories. Select the category “Electronics.”

Choose Apple Store Gift Card, then input the desired amount.

Choose the Apple Store brand only. You will then see a box where you can input a figure for the US between $5 and $500. Enter your desired spending amount.

Make Bitcoin your preferred cryptocurrency for payments.

Now choose the cryptocurrency you would like to use to make your payment, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, or USDT. Depending on the crypto you choose, you will see how much the amount will cost.

Go to the checkout.

Add your email address and check the box. Click the Pay Now button. (Confirm your email is accurate so you can receive the special Apple Store voucher code and so we can get in touch with you if there are any problems.)

Pay with cryptocurrency.

Send the specified cryptocurrency in the precise amount to the address shown, then follow the on-screen instructions. You must submit the exact amount that is shown. To check the address is accurate and expedite this process, utilize the QR code visible on the page.

Buy iPhone with bitcoin

When you purchase an iPhone, Bitcoin can help you save a lot of money. Thanks to the iPhone’s cutting-edge technology and user-friendly operating system, you can retain your connections and engage actively in society. With the most recent iPhone model, you can shoot high-quality pictures and movies, record videos, play games with intense visuals, and secure your data with cutting-edge technology. You can easily and safely shop for and buy the newest iPhone models.

Bitcoin can be used to purchase an iPhone, and debit or credit cards can be used to make online transactions. You can send payments to the recipient’s wallet address using your mobile device or the internet to access your cryptocurrency wallet. You’ve placed and paid for your order successfully, and you can now track your package’s delivery progress from door to door. You may use cryptocurrency to buy an unlocked iPhone or other cell phone and deliver it anywhere because we ship worldwide.

For more visit:

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How To Monetize Mobile Apps For Business




Your choice of app monetization model will determine how well your mobile application performs. Whether you’ve created premium or free-to-install software, it’s essential to have an effective app monetization plan that pleases your consumers while assuring the success of your business. Importantly, as the number of app developers is increasing, businesses are planning to hire app developers at best rates to build applications in order to monetize and generate more revenue. 

What is Mobile app monetization?

The process of monetizing your mobile app involves earning money to support it. You can combine many of the various app monetization models available to diversify your income streams. The ideal match will depend on your app’s target market and vertical. Before you even think about user acquisition, you should choose a monetization strategy because it will influence how you approach UA. When deciding which app monetization tactics to use, it’s critical to consider your user journey and how it will be affected.

In the end, this means avoiding monetization techniques that annoy users. More customers will abandon the brand. As a result, you are hurting its reputation. Although it can be difficult, choosing the best mobile app monetization approach for your app is a crucial step on the way to profitability.

 The process of monetization involves several different tactics. Some apps solely focus on one aspect of app monetization, while others include multiple. You’ll need to make money from your software as a developer. Surviving in the app economy can be difficult. It’s imperative to read the recommendations in this piece if you haven’t already obtained a sizable quantity of cash.

Importance of Monetization

App monetization is crucial because finding free programs at the time of installation is becoming more common. As a result, the app’s business model needs to be adjusted to account for this. Developers’ revenue models must adapt for them to profit following a download. This is where your strategy will be helpful. It’s crucial to put up the work required to produce one that ensures these two results:

  • The earnings from your app are rising.
  • You mostly keep up the user experience and your users.

Your app won’t make any money if you don’t put a good monetization plan in place, and it will be tough for you to recoup the money, time, and resources you spent developing the app. The app market is worth billions of dollars and is still growing. So having monetization strategies is essential. 

The top Monetization strategies are-


You might be passing up a fantastic opportunity to monetize your app if you don’t have adverts in it. The interaction between advertisers and consumers has dramatically enhanced. Thanks to digital advertising on mobile apps. This is primarily caused by how much time individuals spend on their phones. There are many types of ads, such as –

Interstitial/full-screen advertisements are typically positioned at organic pauses while switching menus. These are more likely to drive clicks without frustrating users because they aren’t genuinely interfering with the experience of using your app. Advertisements that appear as notifications alert users to their presence in the status bar of their mobile devices. Be forewarned that these aren’t the most popular advertisements available and could harm your app’s reputation.

Capturing form- These rely on user opt-ins and reward users who provide their email addresses with rewards (such as points or tokens). The majority of the time, capture forms are found in mobile games. Interstitial ads-style transition points are used in advanced overlays; however, they are interactive rather than just clickable images.

Freemium Model

The phrase “Freemium” is created by fusing the words “free” and “premium.” The freemium business model offers the app’s initial services without charge. Then you present different iterations of the program (both free and premium). Users who upgrade to the app’s premium edition can access content with more features and capabilities in addition to the app’s accessible essential functions.

For instance, several programs provide premium editions without intrusive advertisements. It’s challenging to turn free users into paying customers. Therefore, you must make an effort to make the free versions at least passable. Customers won’t be forced to upgrade if the premium version’s pricing isn’t changed to reflect its reasonable level of value. A free monthly premium version is also made available as part of the freemium strategy, and extending the free trials of these versions is another effective way to put this concept into practice. The freemium business model combines direct and indirect monetization.

In-App Purchases

A premium feature in the app, a new free user level or reward, one complimentary meal, and an additional workout in the health app are examples of how this approach operates. This monetization method applies to both physical and virtual products and is compatible with free and paid apps.

The best example of utilizing in-app purchase methods is in gaming apps. Users that become addicted to the game spend money for lives, maps, outfits, weapons, and other in-game items. This business approach is used by famous games like PUBG, which gained prominence during the pandemic. eCommerce apps may potentially suggest in-app purchase methods in addition to game apps. Users’ purchases also fall under this category. Importantly, consider connecting with the mobile app development company in India to integrate in app purchasing features in your application. 

Product Extensions

A form of indirect monetization where revenue is derived from goods and services rather than from users’ direct actions within the app. This strategy allows users to utilize the iOS or Android app of any software they download for free. You can gain a substantial competitive advantage if your product offers the free app when others don’t. Users also prefer native mobile apps since they allow them to access their data anywhere.


You can utilize several well-known technologies and platforms to make money from your app. You must implement the most successful methods and tactics to create the proper process and get additional revenue.

This is all about how to monetize mobile apps for business. Now, you have gained basic knowledge about the functionality. It’s time to do some practice,

For more updates and blogs like this, please stick with us and bookmark the page not to miss any informative blogs!!

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Top 6 Features you should know about the Best Smartphones Nairobi




Best Smartphones Nairobi

Many consumers demand different things from smartphone manufacturers but getting everything is not easy. There are some features that are less important than others and here we talk about the essential features of a good smartphone. When one is going to buy a smartphone, it is an essential decision and one must ensure that the required features are a part of that phone. Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs aims to transform the scalability of your business with the help of Gadgets Africa.


When it comes to the best smartphone platforms, there are three broad choices: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Android and iOS are the most popular and Windows Phone slowly starts to gain a notable share in the market. iOS is used on every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. New and innovative apps debut on this platform regularly. Android is really taking over the mobile landscape. The open-source platform appeals to a wide range of devices from small, three-inch devices to massive smartphones with screens over six inches across. It offers the best integration with Google’s services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive and Hangouts, and more. Best Smartphone Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blog to help your business meet across the globe.


One of the biggest strengths of Android is the huge variety of hardware. Powerful Android phones have big screens. Virtual keyboards have come a long way in terms of accuracy and speed. It comes with predictive features, making the lack of a hardware keyboard a non-issue for most people. Many of the best Nairobi smartphones available today, Nairobi Tech Blogs have virtual keywords.

Appealing Design

This becomes a subjective matter and may vary from person to person, although importantly, it is an essential factor. The phone should be well built and look good. A good mobile phone should be light and small. While trying to buy your next mobile phone, you need to make sure that it can be easily carried in your pocket without any hassle. It should be portable so that your cell phone is easy to get lost. Best Smartphone Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blog is such an easy tool to use.

Good Battery

Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs also has good batteries. Phones with strong batteries can last for days and a battery is a much-needed feature for a smartphone. Since more people complain about battery-draining problems, it is important to keep this factor in mind before making a purchase. You should read reviews online to get information about the durability of the phone’s battery.

A better user Experience

Another feature of the best smartphone is its ease of use. It shouldn’t take hours to locate your camera or gallery. The overall experience of using the smartphone should be well optimized or bug-free. It should also have quality applications and a firmware version to make it easier for users to access external files.


Last but not least, here comes the most important factor which is the accessories. They really enhance the functionality of the mobile phone. On the other hand, mid-range devices are also a good option when you want to save money and buy good accessories.


With so many features to look around for, almost every phone falls short in some area or the other. You should determine your budget and the features you want and then shortlist the phone. As reviews become unbiased and trustworthy, they help you land the smartphone of your choice. To get the best Android phone, you really need to do some research before spending your valuable money. Be sure to consider the above features when making a purchase. You need to make sure that you get the Best Smartphone Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs. You can also read about Best Washing Machines Nairobi from Gadgets Africa.

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