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The Importance of a Factory Audit and How an SA8000 Audit Can Help

Factories are the backbone of global trade, creating products and getting them ready to be delivered to their destinations all over the world. Many companies want to know where their products are made, but don’t want to spend the time or resources necessary to track down the answers. An SA8000 audit can be just what you need to fill in the gaps about your factory so you can be sure you’re providing good jobs and safe working conditions for your employees. Learn more here about why factory audits matter and how an SA8000 audit can help you get started with this evaluation process.

What is SA8000?

SA8000 is an international standard that establishes guidelines for ethical business practices in the workplace. The certification auditors go through factories checking on things like hazardous chemicals, working hours, etc. Certification is voluntary and can happen at any time during the manufacturing process.

There are two types of audits: factory audit which you pay to get information about your production line, and the SA8000 audit which is done for free by a certification auditor. Both have their benefits and drawbacks; they both need to be scheduled well ahead of time, but with a factory audit there is more opportunity for finding problems before they become big problems.

However, if you already know there’s something wrong with the production line, then getting an SA8000 audit may be your best option because it can help mitigate some costs associated with fixing mistakes down the road.

What are some benefits to the audit process?

1. Factory Audits can help improve the quality of products coming from your supplier factories.

2. Factory Audits can help improve workplace conditions for factory employees and provide them with a safer work environment to produce your products.

3. Factory audits can help reduce the risk of human rights violations happening at the factory by providing a safe environment for workers to live and work in

4. A factory audit is one way that you can make sure that you’re not purchasing counterfeit goods from overseas vendors

5. If done correctly, it will provide you with unbiased information about what’s going on in these factories so that you know where your money is going

6. The information that’s given during these audits is usually all backed up with evidence

A final word on supplier evaluation

Supplier evaluation is one of the most important steps when working with a factory. It gives you insight into the quality, compliance, and stability of your suppliers. One way to find out about factories is to ask for references from other buyers in your industry.

Find out if they have experience with this supplier if they are happy with their service, and what the quality is like. You should also consider getting an independent evaluation before committing to any specific supplier.

For example, The Fair Labor Association (FLA) offers social compliance audit services that can help you make sure suppliers are adhering to international standards like SA8000 or ISO 14001.

These audits will cost more but will give you peace of mind knowing that your supplier does not use child labor, isn’t making employees work overtime without compensation, and pays a living wage. If there is anything negative revealed during the audit, such as a violation on these items, it’s up to you whether or not you want to continue doing business with them. There are also cheaper alternatives available for suppliers who do not use child labor or violate basic human rights.

Final thought

In the end, it is important to know that your company is being treated fairly by the people who are making your clothes. With the right third-party audit, you can be confident that you have found a factory with high standards. Conducting an audit ensures that your supplier has been through quality control, meets safety guidelines, and adheres to fair labor practices.

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